Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Revelation: The Trib watches KSL

[Local Media] ... but the Trib obviously doesn't read City Weekly, or else it would have known that we were the ones who broke the Lohra Miller story -- hours before KSL did and in much greater detail.

We understand. It must be hard for a daily to admit it got scooped ... by a
weekly. (Brandon Burt)


  1. You are to be congratulated. It's not often -- in fact I can't remember the last time -- that you can claim a scoop, even if your claim does come out of a bit of insecurity about your place in this community. Keep up the good work. Maybe we'll see another self-congratulatory post in another year or two.

  2. Lohra didn't get Spitzer's memo about power and pissing on yourself.

  3. Isn't it time to bring Gill Huff and his sidekick back?

  4. Thanks!

    Actually, I wasn't being insecure; I understand that it's the nature of the publishing world that weeklies don't often scoop dailies. It's to be expected: The dailies publish seven times as often.

    However, weeklies can offer more depth and/or breadth of reporting than dailies can, and we all hope that we are offering readers a unique perspective.

    Still, once in a while the planets align and we get the occasional scoop. So, when we do, can you blame me for wanting to point it out? LOL.

    As for Shane Johnson's "Extremist Makeover" interview with Gyll Huff and Walter, I loved it! When I checked, I found that it ran March 16, 2006--almost exactly two years ago.

    Not too soon for a reprise, perhaps!

    I'm sure Gyll would be into it, but Walter has moved to Palm Springs where he works as a cabaret performer. (You should see his Carol Channing impersonation!)

    Any nominations for somebody who can hold his own with Gyll Huff, bouncing ideas around--and, believe me, it takes a special person to handle Gyll--send 'em my way!

    (Brandon Burt)

  5. Every dog has its day.
    The rest of the time, though, it gets kicked in the ass . . . time, and time, and time again.

  6. I had no idea that teens actually drank beer at parties. Thanks City Weekly for that incredible eye opener!

  7. Looks like Trib has "re-scooped" you:

  8. Brandon you're f---ing pathetic. A scoop is a lot cooler when you don't have to brag about it on your pansy-ass wannabe Web site. Geez, you're a scourge on journalism you petty little man, as is your delusional and poser publication. Give up man! You need to be put out of your obvious misery!

  9. Brandon, most recognize that Ted did a decent job with this story. So let his work speak for itself. That's what the big guys do.

    It's obvious that other media had the PI's documents before your story hit the streets and were doing their own reporting, so why do they need to credit CW for having it "first"? Your argument's with the PI for spreading it all over town when you guys obviously thought you had an exclusive. You didn't.

    Grow up, kid.

  10. Thanks for reading, "anonymous." (Brandon Burt)


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