Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It Ends Tomorrow

[Legislative Decorum] So much has been written and said this legislative session about "decorum" and the breach of such, Salt Blog thought you might enjoy a little exchange between a constituent and Rep. Curtis Oda, R-Cleafield. Oda has been the point man this year on most gun-related issues, including a controversial bill to allow people to carry loaded weapons in the open on public university campuses.

BTW, the 2008 Lege. of Champions ends tomorrow. Courage, people.

----Original Message-----
From: Curtis Oda [mailto:coda@utah.gov]
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008 3:08 PM
To: Douglas James Parkin
Subject: [SPAM] Re: guns on campus

Mr. Parkin,

Guns are already allowed to be carried openly in the House Chamber. So, assuming you are a professor, who obviously has no clue as to the laws, Bye!

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From: "Douglas James Parkin"
To: Oda, Curtis

Sent: 3/3/2008 2:51:50 PM
Subject: [SPAM] guns on campus

''Why haven't the professors left yet? That kind of befuddles me," he said. If they fear the law abiding citizen, then I say, 'Bye.'

Mr. Oda,
Until guns are openly allowed in the Utah House of Representatives, may I suggest that you keep your asinine opinions about the attitudes and motivations of public school professors to yourself!

>>> "Douglas James Parkin" 3/3/2008 3:53 PM >>>
Yee! Haw! Wild West.
Shoot'em up! A gun in every hand!

Actually, I am not a professor. I am a student with a voice and a vote. I don't need a gun. You make me sick.

-----Original Message-----
From: Curtis Oda [mailto:coda@utah.gov]
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008 4:44 PM
To: Douglas James Parkin
Subject: [SPAM] RE: guns on campus

Good, i hope you choke on your vomit! Go crawl back under that rock you came from.

(Holly Mullen)


  1. Funny thing, Mr. Oda doesn't understand the law either. He was busted with an open container in 2006 in a vehicle with several other Davis County Republicans including one who is running for the county commission this year. Think I'm lying? Find out for yourselves.

    If this had been a Democrat it would have been all over the news, but since it was a Republican(s) it was swept under the table.

    Do these arrogant people really represent our values?

    Just wondering?

  2. Open container of alcohol in a vehicle is a victimless crime if there ever was one.

    Drug Warrior Oda's remarks must go down hard for the friends and family of medical marijuana patient Peter McWilliams, who did choke to death on his own vomit when the federal judge assigned to his case forbade him from using the anti-nausea medicine pending his sentencing for marijuana use.

  3. What? Open containers in a vehicle. Let's see here, a drunk with a gun in a car. Sounds a bit dangerous to me.

  4. No one needs to be drunk, much less have had a drink, to be cited and convicted for an open container of alcohol violation.

    From Utah Code 41-6a-526(3): "A person may not keep, carry, possess, transport, or allow another to keep, carry, possess, or transport in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle, when the vehicle is on any highway, any container which contains any alcoholic beverage if the container has been opened, its seal broken, or the contents of the container partially consumed."

    If all that's dangerous is to be outlawed, let's start by incarcerating those who preach socialism.

  5. The open container wasn't an innocent broken seal. It was a beer in hand.

    It was illegal, but truly only a infraction, like being undocumented.


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