Monday, March 3, 2008

The Week in Suck

[Music] As Dan Nailen points out in The Lounge Act, Lifehouse is indeed one of the worst rock bands ever--and they're playing a sold-out show tonight at The Depot. Meanwhile, I'll bet tomorrow night's Clutch (the best rock band ever) show at the same joint won't do the same numbers. I'm not passing judgment on you people ... far as you know.

And it's not just Lifehouse; this is a week rife with shitty music. Tomorrow night, Angels & Airwaves (a former Blink-182er's stab at "adult rock," read: paid to go pussy) swish through In the Venue, then Matchbox Twenty (the thinking man's Vertical Horizon) drag their sorry asses through the E Center. What did we do to deserve such a tsunami of suck?

Oh, and the there's Linkin Park (Lifehouse 2.0--with a "rapper"!) next week! Jeeesus! Why? (Bill Frost)


  1. Thank goodness for local music in these trying times, eh? Like Spork! And when yer talkin' the sucky week in tunes, don't forget country lightweights Rascal Flatts, selling out the Tox Box on Friday. Ugh.

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  3. No kidding. Tons of cool bands locally. Fuck the industry and fuck X96's music director! That dumbass should be fired.


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