Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the Waters Did Fall Back ...

[Buttars Watch] With so many good reasons to despise Chris Buttars, it's hard to keep up sometimes.

That's why I found myself recently Googling Judge Derek Pullan--a brain cramp made it difficult to recall exactly what Buttars' scathing letter to Pullan was about. Did Pullan grant joint custody to a lesbian mom? No. Rule that the DCFS is legally able to do its job? No.

Oh, that's right--Pullan ruled against one of Buttars' li'l buddies who bought some environmentally protected property and then sued when--surprise!--he wasn't allowed to build on it. (Seems to me a developer would be wise to check whether or not it's legal to develop property before purchasing it. I guess when you've got friends in the Senate, you don't have to worry about pissy little details like that--especially if your Senate friends are far more concerned with other people's sexual morality than they are with their own political ethics.)

In a February story about the Pullan incident, the Provo
Daily Herald ran this AP photo, taken during Buttars' 2006 bid to require public schools teach so-called "intelligent design" creation theories as if they were genuine science. Great photo, AP! (Brandon Burt)

Sen. Chris Buttars parts the Red Sea.


  1. Buttars - get off the cross, we ned the wood.

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  3. I command thee to kneel at my feet! Anyone? Hmm. Ok, I commandeth thee! Commandeth!

  4. Anyone want to find out how they can help get this guy out of office?

    Check out the group on myspace

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  7. Non idiot says:

    Can you imagine someone having the gaul to tell a Judge that he was wrong. This is unimaginable. We know these Judges are gods, right........? I mean they are perfect....right?

    How dare a citizen complain to a Judge....this is heresey, let alone an elected representative exercizing his first amendment rights.
    the media does our thinking for us right???
    An how dare anyone criticize an opinion of the US Supreme Court...they're gods too... right? They get it from on high like Moses right?

    Dred Scott should still be the law right. we should still have slaves. I mean..did people criticize the dred scott decision? Oh yeah, right..they mean I can have my own opinions?

    Anwser: Yes it is okay to criticize Judges and send them letters. Our reps don't give up their First AMendmetn right. You can have your own opinions. Don't listen to the media. They are liars.
    Most Judges are frail human beings who exercize great power. They need to have people write them critical (nonthreatening) letters. It is good for them. It keeps them grounded in reality.

    Reality check: The entire Buttars media event was created by the f*a*g*s (fornicators, adulteraers and gays aka dem party) to derail Buttars from resisting the homo marriage registry. You morons have been scammed the the f*a*g*s and their media goons.

    I can hear you hypocrite whiners already. "He said f*a*g*s". Sob sob. "Us free speech haters can't have that." well guess what idiot... you can't save "homophobe" without saying homo.

    So admit you are deluded scum being used by power crazed dem manipulators who have tricked you into killing your children, disobeying your husbands and hating god.

    I suppose i could wish something ill towards you but as reflected above ... look what you have already done to yourselves. 44, single (boyfriend dumped you for a younger babe) infertile, on psych meds, career disillusionment, depression, ........ suicide.

    Sad really. More than anything is just sad.

  8. This is a very black, dark and ugly story. Yes, this baby is really ugly and black.

    Your paper should be put out of business. Where is the NAACP, Doug Wright and Al Sharpton?

  9. "Hoo-ah!, Non Idiot! Now I remember why I kept you at the boys ranch instead of transferring you to the retard institution like everyone wanted. Don't hit your head on the desk as you're getting up."

  10. Non idiot:

    Fuck you. Seriously. Fuck yourself running and choke on it.

    You people have proven again and again that you have no regard for civilized, rational discourse, so all I can say is:

    Go. Fuck. Yourself.
    (Brandon Burt)

  11. Right on, Brandon.


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