Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Utah Gunlovers Next Project

[Guns] It turns out there's a new kind of pistol out there and we Americans can't get our hands on it! Well perhaps hand on it, that's because the worlds smallest pistol, the Swiss mini gun has recently been put on the market, but not in the U.S. where it is considered too small for sporting purposes and thus illegal. But hell, I don't know what else you would use to stop a cricket in mid-charge.

The pistol while looking like a toy, actually fires lethal 4.53mm bullets at a rate of about 300mph. Cute but deadly, and I'm sure it comes with just an adorable little holster.

Therefore I think Utah's gun-ho aficionados in the state legislature need to get this thing legal in Utah, consornit! Let's not forget that it is our god-given right to be able to own any and all adorable, miniature but still deadly firearms. (Eric S. Peterson)


  1. Barnes & Noble carries a magazine called "Gardens and Guns."

  2. Wait ... this thing makes cute little bullet holes, too?

    Aww ... that's sweet.


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