Monday, March 17, 2008

What Women Want

[Talk Show Time] If you're not positively sick of every person with a pulse weighing in on Hillary and/or Barack, then tune in tomorrow (Tuesday, March 18) to KRCL (90.9 FM) and get an earful.

I will be yakking it up about the Democratic presidential candidates with frequent
Salt Lake Tribune op-ed columnist Barb Guy (Obama supporter) and Donald Dunn, chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign in Utah.

We'll be live with host Brandie Balken on the public affairs program RadioActive from noon to 1 p.m. Originally, we were asked to offer a female point of view on the two Democrats--afternoon chick talk. But then how would we explain the presence of Donald Dunn?

Just to put everything up front, I remain a Clinton supporter--though I'm starting to read the tea leaves on this deal. No matter how many lives Hillary has, the delegate count is not looking good for her. But I always love the scrappy underdog in a fight--so if you tune in, I promise to make a good case for Hills.

And the illustration I've included here about sums up the way the world feels about Clinton. Bitchy Devil or Dreamy Angel--nothing in between. (Holly Mullen)


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  2. Holly,

    I caught some of your discussion today as I was driving around. Since I was in and out of my car I don't know if anyone brought this up.

    I thought it was interesting how it was mentioned that the press refers to Hillary Clinton by her first name, while Obama and McCain are referred to by their last name. I disagreed with what this meant though.

    By going to

    You can see how each candidate refers to their own campaign.

    John McCain is "McCain for President.

    Barack Obama is "Obama for President (and change--of course).

    While Clinton's campaign posters say "Hillary for President."

    This isn't a slight or belittling she is asking us to call and refer to her as "Hillary." To distinguish herself from Bill she has dropped the "Clinton." Not the press. Not because she's a woman. But because this is what she has asked to set her apart from Bill.

    Now then, as for how she and her body and pantsuits are portrayed by cartoonists, that's another story.

    Phil Jacobsen

  3. Phil:

    I hadn't remembered the Hillary lawn signs and bumper stickers until you reminded me. You are right--she started it.

    John Saltas and I got a little chuckle talking later about the show. We agreed liberals are damn boring to listen to. And I'm one of them. Argh.

  4. You support Hillary Clinton? No wonder I hate everything you write in the City Weekly, Holly.


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