Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let the Girls Play

[Sports Melodrama] The University of Utah men's basketball team meets Colorado State in just over an hour at the Huntsman Center on the U. campus.

CSU is in the basement of the Mountain West Conference standings. The Utes have lost their last two games. It's gotten so bad for Utah that peripatetic coach Jim Boylen still can't let go of his rage against Wyoming for a last-minute
cheap play at the expense of his team last Saturday.

Meanwhile, I'm telling you people: All hope lies with the U. of U.
women's team. Last Sunday, the Ute women handily beat the Wyoming Cowgirls, no slouch on the national women's roster. They've clinched the MWC title. Watch how far they go in The Big Dance.

Tickets to the women's game have been going for $1. Would you rather pay to watch winners for $1 or listen to winers who will be lucky to finish in the bottom three, but will still attract thousands in the stands simply because they are male? (Holly Mullen)

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  1. to be honest, i'd rather watch the men's team. men's basketball will always be more exciting to me than women's basketball. on the other hand, i'd rather watch women's tennis over men's tennis - the men's tennis game has become too much of a slugfest and the women have much more exciting rallies.


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