Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Protest Time

[protest news] Who will protest now that Rocky’s out of City Hall? The answer is George Muller, of Veterans for Peace.

Muller, retired Air Force and Vietnam veteran from Eden, Utah, will be in Salt Lake City Thursday to protest outside the Grand America Hotel where John McCain is holding a fundraising event.

Muller is easily recognized by the display he brings with him: a trailer covered with combat boots, one pair for every Utah soldier killed in Iraq. He’s been protesting since President Bush’s 2005 visit to Salt Lake City.


  1. Who gives a fuck?

  2. Why no post about Hillary Clinton's amazing Bosnia recolection? Oh that's right, the criticism pendulum doesn't swing both ways!

  3. It does sometimes. Too bad it doesn't swing in every direction and knock all you dipshits upside the head who run to give your two cents worth under no name.

    Face it, all politicians are idiots who lie frequently. Either go rally against the system or live with it, but stop complaining because they don't listen.

  4. The irony of someone posting under 'anonymous' while calling others out for doing the same thing is not lost on me.

  5. John McCain scares me!


  6. Hillary Clinton scares me!


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