Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer Swallows?

[Sex & Media] Hmm. Bet you can't top this Salt Lake Tribune headline regarding the Gov. Eliot Spitzer sex scandal!

But maybe you can? (Holly Mullen)


  1. The New York Post's headline was pretty good: "HO NO!"


  2. Maybe the real issue here is inflation. In the movie `Sharky`s Machine`(1981) Rachel Ward played a $1,000 per night hooker. Now Spitzer`s squeeze charges $31,000 (dawn to dawn)...she may be a 7-diamond all-pro, but that is expensive.

    I truly feel sorry for Spitzer`s wife and daughters..they don`t deserve this.

  3. So the Governor of New York, who otherwise had a fine reputation as a hard-line, stick-to-yer-guns kinda guy, has to step down from office because now all the world knows he was banging a prostitute. Honestly, if he was spending his own money, and not public funds, i don't see why they don't just let him be.

    The real problem comes from the simple fact that prostitution is illegal. So even if his seemingly tolerant wife is frigid, or just disinterested, his actions are viewed the same as those of an armed robber, only he was putting money back in to an institution.

    Getting a little nookie shouldn't be a crime. People have been doing it since the first willie went up, and they'll be doing it 'till there's no one left to do it with.
    It's natural. It's healthy. It's kind of essential - like breathing.

    The irony here is that he built a reputation of cracking down on government corruption, over-spending and prostitution as Attorney General.

  4. This is about hypocrisy, jesse.

    If Spitzer hadn't built a career and spin image on straight and narrow, this would blow over.

  5. The Spitzer scandal is bad news for Hillary. He was (maybe still is) a super delegate pledged to Clinton. Also, a sex scandal of this magnitude brings back memories of Bill,Monica and the "vast right-wing conspiracy".

    The new governor of New York is both black and blind...maybe Geraldine Ferraro can weigh in with some choice comments.


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