Friday, March 28, 2008

Ironically Delicious

With the trib reporting about Kennecott's little snafu in not warning people about an unsound tailings pond that could've ruptured and engulfed entire neighborhoods in Magna, and the decades plus cover-up that followed, most in the community agree that there's going to have to be a little bit of healing before Kennecott can recapture the local trust.

Ironically Kennecott Companies, along with the University of Utah's Office of Sustainability are hosting a two-day workshop called Fostering Sustainable Behavior. Certainly this event was planned before the scoop on Kennecott's incredibly derelict decisions in the 80s to conceal the likelihood of a potential catastrophe. But I sure as shit can't how any speaker is going to with a straight face thank their co-sponsor Kennecott for arranging such a workshop. I can sadly imagine the emcee, probably some poor undergrad introducing the workshop and giving the obligatory props to co-sponsor, Kennecott for social and eco-responsibility, rattling off some PR spin line like this one listed in the press release:

"The Kennecott Utah Companies, Inc. cites this workshop as part of its commitment to sustainable development and long-standing support for education at the University of Utah and in the community. "

*cough except for Magna, cough*

In reality the event looks to be very interesting and informative, but man, for the U's Office of Sustainability, that's one hell of a sponsor to pick in the first few years of a new program trying to encourage a greener citizenry. (Eric S. Peterson)

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