Monday, March 10, 2008

A Demo in the Guv's Race?

[Utah Politics] According to rumors among Utah Democratic honchos, look for longtime Utah Democrat Bob Springmeyer to soon announce a run for governor. Depending on whether anyone else shakes out, he'll face Republican incumbent Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. in November.

Yeah, I know. There's also that rumor that Huntsman may get the nod as John McCain's V.P. Right. Talk about a long shot. Two western U.S. politicians sharing the ticket? Don't think so. For one thing, McCain needs to shore up relations with the Bible Belt South, which considers the Arizona senator/war hero/geezer to be just left of Jane Fonda. A Southerner or urban Yankee is much more likely.

Anyway, Springmeyer, 64, will have his work cut out for him, not the least of which is gaining name recongnition. Owner of Bonneville Research, an economic consulting firm, Springmeyer ran unsuccessfully for the now-defunct Salt Lake County Commission back in the '70s ( the commission has since been replaced by the present-day mayor/council form of government).

Springmeyer has been active in consulting on redevelopment and other issues with many Northern Utah municipalities, including Riverton; Sandy; Holladay; Clearfield and Taylorsville. He lives in Salt Lake City's Avenues neighborhood and is an avid fly fisherman and supporter of U.S. Olympic Team luge and skeleton athletes. He is married to Gwen Springmeyer and is the father of four.

In recruiting him to take on Huntsman (who has approval ratings in the 75-percentile range) Utah Democratic Committee chairman Wayne Holland reportedly told the plucky Springmeyer it would clearly be a challenge, but that he'd have a lot of "fun." (Holly Mullen)

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