Monday, March 31, 2008

Monson Blesses the Jazz

An amusing a little story in the dailies talked about new LDS Prophet Monson making an appearance at the jazz match last Friday against the L.A. Clippers. Apparently the church president is quite a fan, but usually, according to the D-news story, watches from a private box, but on this occasion decided to mingle with the people.

The jovial president seemed as happy as a little kid from his third row seat and caused quite a buzz in the crowd. But the most amazing thing was that during the end of the third quarter President Monson while returning to his seat walked past coach Jerry Sloan and gave the man a friendly pat on the back, or was it more than just a pat....? And no I'm not throwing in a sexual innuendo here folks, far from it, in fact this little excerpt from the D-News story leads me to think this "pat" may have been... a blessing in disguise!

According to the story "He [Sloan] said it was 'fine' after he found out who it was. The jazz even went on to a 27-11 run after his quick visit."

Coincidence eh? That the prophet touched Sloan and then the Jazz immediately took a 16 point run only to conclude the game 121-101 Jazz.

Even more curious in the story is that Sloan remembers feeling the sustaining "pat" turned around to not see anyone there. Sure Monson might have just gotten back to his seat by then, or...he might've teleported back to his seat. I'm just throwing that out there folks, and while I'm at it I'm also gonna throw this out there-- let's get this guy at every game, blessing the whole damn team! Where was Monson Sunday anyways when the jazz were being massacred by the Timberwolves huh? Oh he was probably at church or something, but every other day of the week when there's a game, Monson should be leading the opening of the game with a team "pat/blessing." It could be incorporated into the opening extravaganza, with heavenly laser lights marshaling the Prophet into the arena astride a Harley with the jazz bear in the sidecar, and an entourage of modestly dressed jazz girls bringing up the rear. (Eric S. Peterson)

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  1. It looks like Eric is angling for D.P. Sorenson's job. Good stuff. Now if Jerry would have been freaked out and cold cocked some stranger touching him from the stands that would have been funny!


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