Monday, January 19, 2009

Rock of Love Bus: Kelsey's Still Rollin'

[Locals on Reality TV] Salt Lake's Kelsey has survived another cut on VH1's Rock of Love Bus, wherein "ladies" vie for the "love" of "rock star" Bret Michaels and his "hair." As we learned in last night's episode, Kelsey has mad skills on the ice, if not with math:

That's Kelsey going in for the first hug, up front, gum a-crackin,' then later commenting on "the devil" Lacie. (Bill Frost)

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  1. So I was listening to this radio show in Florida, its called The BS on Real Radio 104.1. I found out that they were having Taya on and I'm such a huge fan of hers so I was excited. So come to find out I guess she's possibly married that's what the host Buckethead was saying. Which I think would be totally wrong to Bret and I hope he finds out if true. She was on this show 2 weeks in a row, and Buckethead was totally hitting on her the whole time too, you gotta check it out here's the link. There's 2 separate interviews


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