Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dead Zephyr: Week 270

(Bill Frost)


  1. Oh, come on!!! This looks just like week 269.

  2. Do I dare say it... has anyone suggested to the Port to take over the old venue?

  3. Dare I ask; what's the point? What does this broken down storefront have do do with "Week 270" (whatever that means)?

    Would the author of this "column" care to provide a brief explanation for those of us who are left puzzled?

  4. Although I am not the author of this column, I believe that "Week 270" refers to the number of weeks that the Zephyr has been closed. It was forced out of business by the owner of the building because he wanted to build a strip mall or parking lot or something. But yet, the empty building still stands after what, 5 years? Another vibrant downtown hot spot shut down because there were "plans" to build something .... hmmm, sounds like what's happening to Port O'Call.


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