Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Port O' Call: Out by March 15

[Dead Space] Soon to join the SugarHole and the Dead Zephyr in limbo is downtown nightclub Port O' Call, which was ordered by a judge Monday to close by March 15--adding insult to Port's 90 employees, right before St. Patrick's Day, one of the busiest nights of the year.

Port O' Call will be torn down to make way for the federal courthouse expansion. Assuming workers won't have their hands full cleaning up the remains of Oddfellows Hall to the north, which may or may not fall apart before it's moved across Market Street, the courthouse will be completed before Sen. Orrin Hatch begins his 78th term in office. (Bill Frost)


  1. I'm thinking we all chip in and throw an Irish hoedown in the parking lot that night.

  2. This just pisses me off! They don't even have money for the new Courthosue or even plans for it and they still think its a GREAT idea to tear down a building that is offering jobs and housing (low-income at that)in a time when these people won't be able to find decent jobs elsewhere. Why cab't they wait till they actully have funding for the fed's courthouse before they tear down the Port? This truely sucks! BTW there is a Save the Port O'Call facebook causes page join up and support the Port O'Call!

  3. How about they move the feds out to Sandy and leave SLC alone?

  4. The staff of The Regal Seagull still plans on holding its annual St. Patrick's Day party at Port O'Call on March 17th, regardless.

    Nothing says "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" like being arrested for trespassing.

  5. This is just another brick in the wall that will one day completely leave Utah and Salt Lake void of the pursuit of happiness. I don't live in Utah anymore nor was I ever a big fan of Port o Call, but I fill for the people that are going to lose their jobs due to more Government growth.

    Patrons should rally the idea of an early St. Paddy's Day celebration on that Saturday.

  6. They are putting 90 people out of work, displacing low income tenants, when they have not received the funding for a project they already started???

    I suppose they will recoup that 6 million from the 15% Meals on Wheels cutback's......!!!

    What a bunch of Buffoons.

  7. So here is the real reason the judge ruled the way he did. The GSA, and The Judicial Services division of the federal government want the space to be free of tenants.

    What the hell you ask?

    They think that if it is empty and ready for the dozers they won't be denied the funding from the "Obama Gravy Train" for public works projects. The federal governments actions are based on a whim that they might get their money.

    Putting people out fo work on a whim is ridiculous and foolish.
    Your tax dollars hard at work!

  8. I'm so glad I don't live in SLC anymore. This type of thing pissed me off no end while I lived there. I worked at POC way back when it was Bourbon Street and was only the front bar and the room behind it, and hate the idea of it being torn down. I bet that Earl Holding's mud lot across the street where the tire store used to be is still vacant. That's where the courthouse was supposed to be built, but Orrin got the feds to change their mind.

  9. Congratulations to everyone who voted for Orrin Hatch or didn't help out Pete Ashdown, who brought this issue up in debates during the 2006 campaign. Also congrats to Port o'call for doing nothing too.

  10. This is a shame. This is the bar that Shaun Walker made famous.

    I bet that if it wasn't a bar, they wouldn't be forcing it to close.

  11. I think Obama should approve funding for the travel trailer, wooden steps, metal trailer skirting, and of course the memorial plaque.....

    Attach the authorization to a lovely memo that clearly states: I will review the request when the country is not at risk of falling like a house of cards.... (that is, if I'm still around in 60 years)

  12. How about this: the Federal Government will stop making every city in the United States into Houston?


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