Thursday, January 8, 2009

KRCL's Artist of the Week: Nick Drake

[Music] I noticed KRCL 90.9 has been playing a lot of Nick Drake recently--this afternoon Ebay Hamilton spun "One of These Things First," a lovely tune. It's been good to hear the beautiful finger-picking goodness of this morose, tragic English folkie. (Drake OD'ed on antidepressants in the 1970s, and his music did not become widely appreciated until sometime in the '80s.)

So I checked the playlists to make sure this wasn't just a trick of the imagination. Apparently, I wasn't dreaming: Drake is KRCL's "artist of the week." Until now, I didn't even know KRCL had an artist of the week, and I'm curious to know how this artist is selected.

But good on 'em for this week's fine selection.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. You haven't really missed much, but Ebay has been the most consistently listenable of the new daytime DJs.

  2. Too bad David is so early. He's got great taste.

  3. you can text in your favorite artist brandon its a d'mockracy over thar!


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