Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What a Big Boob

[Nip and Tuck] An Eden (Weber County) woman who underwent breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, with full knowledge that Fox-13 News was producing a story about her procedure, is now crying foul. She says the TV station showed too much skin in its report and invaded her privacy, according to KSL radio.

Conni Judge is suing her plastic surgeon, Dr. Renato Saltz* of Park City, and Fox-13, claiming they went way too far. Saltz, by providing her "before" and "after" nude photos, and Fox by running the pictures with its story last year. Judge says she never gave her permission to disseminate the photos--only her consent to be interviewed about her experiences undergoing a "mommy makeover."

"Mommy makeover" translation: Popular plastic surgery procedure among thousands of Utah women who get married at 20, then churn out a brood of younguns' by age 30. Sagging breasts and drooping ass ensue. Their husbands start pressuring them for the body they had at age 18. Plastic surgery ensues.

**I interviewed Saltz in 2002 for a Salt Lake Tribune column about the hordes of 30-something Utah women who feel the need to rebuild themselves via saline and surgical defiance of gravity. He was a great interview, but also a serious publicity hound. It's not terribly surprising he played along with Fox-13, nor that he could have--allegedly--passed Judge's photos to the news crew. Guess the case will turn on whether the plaintiff gave her permission.

In a statement, Fox-13 General Manager Tim Ermish tells KSL the station acted "professionally" and "appropriately" and disputes Judge's allegations.

Finally, Judge, who works in corporate communications, says the airing of the story resulted in a loss of up to 75 percent of her clients. Which begs the question: Just how good was that boob job, anyway? (Holly Mullen)


  1. I sincerely doubt 75% of her clients were lost as a direct result of this story.

    I also think if the doctor released these photos without her permission, she should get a respectable settlement.

  2. Show me your tits.

  3. I like the other picture it's SOOOOO STEPFORD WIFEY......

  4. I really hate to be a fucking grammar Nazi but, this is one that really gets under my skin.


    What is "Begging the Question?"

    "Begging the question" is a form of logical fallacy in which a statement or claim is assumed to be true without evidence other than the statement or claim itself. When one begs the question, the initial assumption of a statement is treated as already proven without any logic to show why the statement is true in the first place.

    A simple example would be "I think he is unattractive because he is ugly." The adjective "ugly" does not explain why the subject is "unattractive" -- they virtually amount to the same subjective meaning, and the proof is merely a restatement of the premise. The sentence has begged the question.
    What is it Not?

    To beg the question does not mean "to raise the question." (e.g. "It begs the question, why is he so dumb?") This is a common error of usage made by those who mistake the word "question" in the phrase to refer to a literal question. Sadly, the error has grown more and more common with time, such that even journalists, advertisers, and major mass media entities have fallen prey to "BTQ Abuse."

    While descriptivists and other such laissez-faire linguists are content to allow the misconception to fall into the vernacular, it cannot be denied that logic and philosophy stand to lose an important conceptual label should the meaning of BTQ become diluted to the point that we must constantly distinguish between the traditional usage and the erroneous "modern" usage. This is why we fight.

    Confusing, I know. That's why I avoid using that term altogether.

  5. I have couple of questions.

    The first one is based off Coni's statement she made to KSL:

    Judge says she never would have consented to
    the photos being used. In fact, during the interview, in which she's wearing a pink exam gown, Judge claims she made it very clear that she wanted to be portrayed modestly.

    Really? How do you obtain modest pictures of before and after tummy tucks, and breast enlargements?

    How can she claim it was the Doctor's fault that her business slumped, when retailers are going bankrupt in alarming numbers?

    I raised eyebrows over the pink surgical gown. It appeared to me as a fashion accessory. I appreciate a worn out, over sanitized surgical gown, when I'm about to be potentially exposed to super infections. It comforts me as a trademark of the safety precautions our medical professionals implement, to protect our health.

    Thank you Holly for begging this question, and to the KSL blogger's who have come to their own feelings about this issue.......

    As a female who used to watch every food item she ate, obsessively rode 40 minuets a day on an Exercycle to, maintain the perfect true size 5 body-glove bikini image... to appease my ex biggest critic...

    I feel you have a done a good service by begging a question, that deserves to be evaluated. Today I'm ok with entering my 50's, a healthy weight, average boobs, a little thicker middle, and minus the rounded fanny of the childbearing season. It's a small trade off to the emotional turmoil I lived with inside myself, as my own image nazi.

    So who is exploiting who? the grammar Nazi, image Nazi, or soup Nazi?

    I don't think this woman is a victim. If anything, she is a predator. and some people saw the situation as ... a delusion.

    Could it be, Coni needs to update her own interpretation of style, to make it as an image consultant? Seems to me, her ideals have not changed with the times...... It's her that needs to review her viewpoint, on what is marketable in todays diverse world.

  6. And to add to BP's final point, perhaps, it is Coni's outdated interpretation of style that was the root cause of the lost clients.

  7. I have to honest here....

    It's fun to be playful, yet there is a time and a place for it.... I don't feel it has any place in corporate America, or as the meaning of intimacy.

    Yet there is always show me your tit's type...................................
    I suppose it's what your in the market for.

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