Thursday, January 22, 2009

LDS Leaders on Liquor Laws

[Liquor Law Zaniness] Republican legislative leaders met yesterday with Mormon Church officials to discuss possible liquor law changes in the upcoming 2009 session. It's a customary meeting, according to church spokesman Scott Trotter. And it's a meeting of equal opportunity, apparently--church leaders lunched last week with Democratic legislators. The church is registering a bit of an open mind on liberalizing some laws, including support for doing away with the silly private club membership, as Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. recommends.

By far, my favorite line from mainstream media coverage of the private church/state vetting session comes from Deseret News political writer Lisa Riley Roche, who added this last paragraph to her story:

The Senate president (Mike Waddoups) said the legislative leaders were told "not to expect them to give us an opinion on every issue that we're dealing with." (Holly Mullen)


  1. It is Sad that we have political leaders who cant take a peee with out asking the ZION rulers giving the ok.
    The church and State issue lives on maybe they will throw the heathens a bone this session.

  2. I find it extremely disturbing that our Government allows the Mormon Church Corporation which is only 66% of the population to control the Utah Liquor Laws.
    If the legislature allows this kind of behavior, where will it stop. This Corporation has the money to buy what ever laws they want in place to control not only their members but every self thinking human being in the State of Utah. I don’t see the Government allowing other Religious groups such as the Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Atheist, etc.. to dictate how we live. This is a wonderful State to live in and raise a family, however, if the LDS Corporation continues to dictate they way of life in Utah we might as well live in Iraq or Communist China.


  3. If local religious leaders and followers had to buy a membership every time they attended a church meeting house other than the one they usually attend they would understand the frustration of private club liquor memberships. I seldom drink but I enjoy going out to hear various musicians. A $5.00 fee adds up quickly if you try to see a variety of musicial styles. Enforce drunk driving laws and send repeat offrnders to real time. No one is in favor of drunken driving.


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