Thursday, January 22, 2009

Real World Brooklyn: Chet's Got Game

[Locals on Reality TV] What's happening on The Real World: Brooklyn? It's so damned boring, it's not even worth recapping--sad news for the originator of all "reality houses." But at least's Real World Dailies are somewhat entertaining: Here's Salt Lake City's own be-faux-hawked Chet telling us that he'll talk to any girl, even if she's not pretty (dude!), and professing his undying like for Alex (whom I believe is a girl ... right?).

(Bill Frost)


  1. do I begin. Chet may be one of the most closed minded, fucking retarded, douchebags that I have ever seen. Sceriously?? Nice hat you fucking moron. I cannotg believe how pig headed this mother fucker is. If he EVER makes it onto MTV in any other capacity other than the Real World, I would rather be dead. What a fucking loser. Go back to Salt Lake douche!!

  2. Maybe the mormons should think about revoking the ban on sex and, in place of it put a ban on douchbaggery. This guy might not act like such an immature, spoiled prick if he were to actually get laid. Then again, the concept of this guy having the chance to breed sends chills down my spine.

  3. He ended up not wanting anything to do with Alex after one episode. So I don't think he gave it 2 weeks. And what makes him think he is so hot that he is worthy to be picky. Really~ Dude you should never date anyone and you probably wont.


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