Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Greg Curtis Sprints Through Revolving Door

[Ethics-Schmethics] Holy shit. Former Utah House Speaker Greg Curtis, whose legislative seat is still warm from his loss in November, is now a registered lobbyist for Phillip Morris USA, the tobacco giant. So much for standing up for the Word of Wisdom (among other questions about the man's judgment) in your professional life.

Please Legislature, what more proof do you need about lousy political ethics in this state? Wouldja just pass all ethics reforms bills (which include a "revolving door" lobbying ban on former legislators) in the hopper, like now? (Holly Mullen)


  1. Apparently his legal practice doesn't bring with it enough salary (or perks...).

    Sick and wrong. Thoroughly.

  2. Typical Mopocrisy. Nothing new here.

  3. A total lack of integrity!

  4. The ethics of Utah politics actually encourage people to pull stunts like this.

  5. Sick and wrong. Just like Mike dimitric and Brad King.


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