Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Oh, the Gays!

[Xmas] Is there anything they won't appropriate? I'm not sure if this thing featuring Santa as a leather daddy is a real cartoon, a one-off Christmas card, or something else entirely. But I like it.

I came across it Googling "kilt" and "Santa"--yes, it was work related--and it turned into one of those searches that proves anything can be a fetish.

Gays do tend to divide themselves into different personality archetypes, represented here by the elves. I think there are more than seven gay archtypes, though. Since there's not one called "Geeky," I think I'm probably most like the elf called "Butchy" because he's got facial hair--although some days "Bitchy" is more like it.

Which elf do you most identify with? (Brandon Burt)

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