Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Declaration of Nothing

[Forced Patriotism] is reporting on a bill in the works for the 2008 state legislative session that would require all public school classrooms to display the United States flag and a copy of the Declaration of Independence on site. The Deseret Morning News is reporting a fuller version of the story.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Allen Christensen (R-North Ogden), is liste
d on the Utah State Legislature Web site as "in process." That can mean various things, including going through legal review.

Unfortunately, there is no process for weeding out dumb, time-wasti
ng bills (other than through House and Senate leadership, whose job it is to NOT waste taxpayer time and money by weeding out dumb bills before they ever reach committee). My brain is fairly musty with memories of going to public school in Utah, I remember every Utah public classroom I attended always had a U.S. flag on site.

As for the Declaration of Independence, what is that really supposed to teach a 10-year-old? If we're really going to mandate the exhibition of patriotic documents, it's the
U.S. Constitution that ought to be handily available for every kid in the state. But then it
is a radical document, filled with all sorts of threatening ideas. The First Amendment alone might teach the little rascals the power of a free mind, a free pen (or computer keyboard) and the freedom to protest and launch a petition against a governmental authority with which they disagree--our dumb Legislature, for instance. (Holly Mullen)


  1. I do think the Constitution should be on display in public schools, as well as in government buildings like the State capitol. Let's get them in post offices while we're at it.

    Kucinich isn't my favorite candidate for the 2008 Presidential race, but I do appreciate the fact that he carries a copy of the Constitution in his pocket.

  2. Good point. Although it's an important document, the Declaration of Independence has very little practical application in today's world. But then, for the past six years, I guess the Constitution hasn't either.


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