Thursday, December 6, 2007

Atlas Buggin'

[Analysis From the Grave] Author Ayn Rand, who assumed room temperature in 1982, has weighed in on the 2008 presidential race--is there anything YouTube can't do? Straighten that aluminum-foil hat and listen up:

Since the only presidential candidate who's evoked the name of Ayn Rand is Ron Paul, looks like he's the guy she'd like you to vote for. Notice how he says "Atlas Shrugged might be the second-greatest book in history," but fails to mention the first--which, as we all know, is The Essential Calvin & Hobbes:

(Bill Frost)


  1. Ron Paul is a Libertarian. Ayn Rand called Libertarians "hippies of the right" and denounced the movement many times. Here's a sample:
    "...I am profoundly opposed to today's so-called libertarian movement and to the theories of Dr. Murray Rothbard. So-called libertarians are my avowed enemies, yet I've heard many reports on their attempts to cash in on my name and mislead my readers into the exact opposite of my views." [Letters of Ayn Rand, letter to Mrs. William Maethner dated June 20, 1974]

  2. I think he said "the second best-read book in history" not "the second greatest book in history."


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