Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Michael Castner Redux

[Radio] We're still keeping periodic tabs on Michael Castner, cast away from KSL Radio's Nightside Project in early November under the guise of budget cuts.

This talk radio-oriented
blog emanates from Seattle, and was kind enough to cite our story on KSL's unceremonious dumping of show host and veteran radio guy Castner. From his home in Tooele, Castner tells us he's been "laying low," and "trying not to look in my rear view mirror." He adds he had nothing to do with the blogging interest in the story of his demise, or in helping it churn through the broadcasting world's rumor mill.

Meanwhile, Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry--former sidekicks and proteges of Castner--are hosting
Nightside. We listen occasionally. Ethan and Alex are trying hard, but frankly, the show's wheels often seem to be spinning off. We miss a certain level of professionalism and timing that Castner brought.

The scuttlebutt around town (and mentioned in the Seattle-based blog above) is that KSL will pull the plug on
Nightside after the first of the year. It's just too expensive, too scary for the dark suits and white shirts in the boardroom and simply a failed experiment in trying to get those crazy kids to listen in. Possible replacement? A local sports show. Just what this market needs. Because, you know, we could use at least 27 of them in this two-major-league-sport metropolis. Blah. And I'm a sports fan for hell's sake!

(Holly Mullen)


  1. The extraction of Castner from The Nightside Project seems to have left what remains of the show weakened and badly bleeding. Only time will tell if they are able to recover, and if the rumors are correct KSL has stamped a big DNR (do not resuscitate) order on the file. The whole thing is just so sad to watch and listen to for me. One line keeps coming back to me again and again: “The operation was a complete success—the patient died.”

  2. Holly, show a little love for -- the plucky local blog that originally reported KSL's intention to replace Nightside with another BYU sports show.

  3. I loved Nightside with Castner, but my night time activities didn't usually coincide with listening to the radio. Anyone know what their listening numbers were?

  4. That's a great question, Mark. At the time Castner was let go, the show was sitting in the number one slot in their market and had been there for a while.

  5. Just because I hate to make a claim and not have the numbers to back it up, here's a link to a great article that came out in the October 3rd issue of Radio and Records about the show's numbers and popularity.

  6. Well, it's February of 2008. How's that late night sports show working out for KSL since they were allegedly going to cancel Nightside at the first of the year?


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