Monday, December 10, 2007

Get Some Culture Damnit!

[Art] Cold winter days are ideal for grabbing a book and sitting next to a fire and a nice window of the December misery below at the Downtown City Library, but it's also a good month for some neat Japanese art on display.

The display running the rest of December, includes great wall hangings, and wood carvings of peaceful pagodas and japanese countryside. Theres a fine Hiroshige display there that struck a chord of uncanny recognition with me because the image of snowy Matsumoto hills and bridges reminded me of my most treasured pog.

That's right, I said pog. I was a member of the pog generation and my most prized one said "tranquility" on it and had nearly the same picture of eastern serenity on it.
Ahh, simpler times. (Eric S. Peterson)

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