Tuesday, December 11, 2007


[Politics] The official Barack Obama campaign headquarters of Utah opened last Saturday (1747 S. 900 West)--yeah, we missed the media blitz, too. You'd think they'd want to alert their friendly neighborhood lefty-leaning weekly newspaper, but apparently not. We're even Friends on MySpace, fergawdsakes.

Obama had a good campaign weekend, inching up the polls as Hillary Clinton is dropping--and how about that Oprah stumping? Trumps Barbara Streisand, if not Tyra.

And now he has another powerful ally: Mormons for Obama, "a group dedicated to bringing together members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon) who support Barack Obama." Sure, the group only has 103 members at the moment, but just imagine the number-jump when Obama's Utah HQ finally lets someone know they're here! (Bill Frost)


  1. As the founder of Mormons for Obama, I just want to thank you for the attention.

    As of today, we are at 150 members and growing. This is with nearly zero publicity.

    I organized the group Mormons for Dean in 2003. That group maxed out at 74 members, despite mentions in publications from the New York Times to the BBC. Mormons for Dean also was mentioned in Dean Campaign Manager Joe Trippi's book "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised."

    -Bob Aagard
    Director, Mormons for Obama

    Blogger, The World, According to Me

  2. Bill,

    Just to make sure you aren't forgotten this time, I wanted to invite you to tonight's "Yes We Did" celebration. Since I don't have your contact information, here's the info:

    Utah for Obama is hosting a "Yes We Did" Celebration party to watch Barack Obama's Victory Speech tonight at SkyBox Grille at the Gateway Mall at 7:30 PM.

    After Saturday's decision to finalize the Michigan and Florida delegates, 2,118 is the magic number of delegates to reach the Democratic Nomination. As of this writing, Barack Obama needs 31.5 delegates to get there. Tonight, after the votes are counted in Montana and South Dakota, the last few names of Super Delegates who will vote for Senator Obama at the DNC in August will be announced, and Senator Obama will make his victory speech.

    According to my sources, his speech will happen at 8:15 MDT, just after the polls close, so make sure that you arrive by 8!.

    This campaign is a movement of the people, and I cannot think of a more appropriate title for tonight's event than "Yes we did". Barack won this nomination because of you, and me, and literally millions of other people's efforts. It's not just Barack who won, it's all of us. We have more work to do, but tonight it's time to celebrate what we've accomplished.

    And tomorrow, we can get on to the work of showing John McCain for what he really is - 4 more years of Bush.

    SkyBox Sports Grill, 7:30 PM
    4 South Rio Grande Street
    Family-friendly event
    Bring your friends, too!
    Use Winter Parking entrance on north side of 100 South.
    SkyBox is on the west side of Rio Grande Street, on the Promenade level


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