Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Everything

[Joy] We at City Weekly are winding down for Christmas, signing off on our last few pages for our Dec. 27 issue. It's late afternoon, the Winter Solstice is upon us. The light outside our Main Street window is shifting; the snow is glistening with the last bit of daylight.

We're just beginning to drink shots of cranberry vodka. Soon, we'll pop corks on the champagne.

We started this blog a couple of years ago. It was mostly up to Web master Bill Frost and a few plucky writers to feed it. They worked hard. Now we're all trying to keep it going. But we may take a fews day off for some holiday cheer. We'll be back.

Thanks for hitting on us. Oh, that didn't sound good. Thanks for reading us. All the better if you write a few comments in reaction to our posts. We like social intercourse.

Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. All. Of. It. (Holly Mullen)

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