Friday, March 2, 2007

The Dumbing Down of Utah, Week 39-ish

What's IN this week, kidz?
* A desperate editorial on a smelly office.
* More dating bullshit.
* Another Sexy In SLC candidate "in a relationship."
* Lotsa promo pics of bands, zero information.
* Par-tay shots!
* Half-assed movie reviews.
* Quarter-assed Q&A with Snow Patrol.
* Reality TV reviews no one gives a shit about.
* Pole-dancing class story everyone else did two years ago.
* Yet another home-invasion pictorial.
* Making a mix CD ... seriously?
* Polka dots are back ... again.
* Suck-up bar review.
* In-depth Cup of Noodles review ... what the fuck?

Congratulations: If you bought a cut-rate ad in this Cleveland Steamer of an "alternative weekly" that's actually funded by a multimillion-dollar corporation, you're totally getting your money's worth. (Bill Frost)


  1. hey, bill frost has something sardonic to say, what a surprise.

    is there a candidate for jerkass of the year for that contest your boring, pretentious weekly sponsors? you know you have my vote.

    by the way, your math is off on movie reviews - i was using my whole ass.

    snow patrol, fair enough. that's what happens when a band bails on you at 5pm on production day.

    i'd accuse you of being juvenile, but at your age i don't think that's an appropirate adjective. sad is more fitting.

  2. Hurry, let's ask some lackluster radio personality what's on her iPod! Portia, are you vegan this week?

  3. Sad thing is, Bill's about the only thing distinguishing CW from IN's craptastic weekly conglomeration of inanity.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. How "appropirate" of Sam to once again ignore the spell check function on his computer. IN is riddled with made-up words. If correct grammar, spelling and occasional insight (read: actual well-researched criticism) makes us boring and pretentious, please push that stick just a little further up my ass. (Jamie G)

  6. Dear Salt Lake City Weekly:
    I love you.
    Bill Frost--your pieces are delightful
    Jamie G--You are amazing. this comment: "If correct grammar, spelling and occasional insight (read: actual well-researched criticism) makes us boring and pretentious, please push that stick just a little further up my ass." was the best thing I have read.

    Much love from an admirer from NC!

  7. Well SLCWEEKLY i find it amusing that you downtalk other people and writers. The funny thing is that they are so much more talented than you are!! You guys are jackasses and after reading this I will no longer waste any of my time on THE City Fuckly!!

  8. well i read both, and why not?
    IN for the all-inclusive calendar section (yeah, that's about it), the Sexy in SLC is just plain stupid- try to find someone who's not married or otherwise committed, & everything else is crap.
    CW is the bomb, for substance over fluff.

  9. Wow, are you always so pathetic? Can't find anything else to write about other than those you are theatened by? How's that anger management course coming along?

  10. Apparently you’re doing something right if you have IN is commenting on City Weekly’s blog.

    Maybe if they spent less time on other people’s pages they could actually do some research on credible stories.

    However, I may stand corrected. It may have been extremely time consuming to research potato chips that come in bags vs. cans.

    PLEAE place me in the pretentious reader column any day versus the moronic consumerist.


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