Friday, March 16, 2007

Fashionista: Anyone Can Look Hot

Fashion Advice I’m giving myself a lot of credit handing out advice here, so let’s hope I don’t offend anyone. I’ve made my blunders, but I think I’ve finally discovered the trick to looking good. Given, I still blunder … more often than I’d like. The title of this blog is not misleading, however. We all have different body shapes and sizes. This should not limit your sex appeal. First of all, and you’ve probably heard it a million times, but confidence IS sexy. If you feel good in what you’re wearing, chances are that you actually do look good.

One major key is dressing for your body. I happen to be very petite and skinny, but I still know that there is such a thing as too tight. Nobody wants to see that, no matter how thin you are. There is also, definitely, such a thing as too baggy. When in doubt, go for tailored. Emphasize your assets. Maybe you have great breasts—go with that, but do it tastefully. The same goes for any body part. I happen to have great legs, so I work with that. I have, unfortunately, crossed the line on many occasions. There is a key to avoiding this: consider whether your grandmother would roll over in her grave because you crossed the line between provocative and slutty. There is a HUGE difference. We will all cross the line at some point or another, but look in the mirror before you walk out the door and think of Gram for a minute. I could certainly learn from my own advice here.

I also believe that anyone can wear any color (especially my friend Sarah). The key to this is how much of that color you don. Like that friend you can only be around for five minutes maximum, think small doses. If the color looks especially good on you, rock that bitch. Don’t be afraid to take a risk either. The worst thing that can happen is you look like crap once and stop. No one cares about you enough to linger on the one day you wore a really terrible outfit (unless you’re famous, then I will judge you to no end because you won’t know and you won’t care because you’re ridiculously rich).

I also suggest once a year throwing a clothes exchange party preferably with mimosas and brunch (thanks to Amber for introducing me to this wonderful concept). Get your friends together and bring everything you’re sick of wearing or wish you hadn’t purchased. The exception to this is any classic piece. You will have good judgment here, trust me. Throw everything into a pile and everyone can go through it—first come, first serve. Take home what you like. Something that looks terrible on you may look awesome on someone else and vice versa. Take the leftovers to the Salvation Army and you’ve done three great things: gotten rid of the clothes that are taking up precious closet space, walked away with free clothes, and helped those in need.

To sum up, it’s about time to start spring cleaning. Do the closet while you’re at it and throw a clothes exchange in your freshly cleaned house or apartment. Don’t dress like a whore unless it’s your occupation. Be confident. Everyone has something to offer both physically and internally, so make your assets the most noticeable. Don’t become famous and rich or I will judge you.

If you actually find my advice useful, or want to tell me I suck, you can e-mail me at or leave a comment below. (Lindsay Larkin)


  1. It is possible that people only think something looks good on them. Perhaps you have reverse Body Dismorphic Disorder. Who says you have nice legs, maybe your thighs are fat.

  2. I'm certain you're fat because you're so bitter. Get a personal trainer and stop being such an asshole.

  3. Take her word for it. She does have great legs and great breasts. She has crossed the line, but it's rare.

  4. lindsay is not fat, but phat. yeah, thas my grrrl right dere. i'm telling you, you're onto something there. . . the whole idea that clothes fit the body not the body fit the clothes.

    you? great legs? chicken legs, skinny twig.


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