Friday, August 24, 2007

When Drunks Attack!

Drama on Main

SALT LAKE CITY--Witnesses recount the dramatic series of events that transpired outside City Weekly's front door on that mean street known as Main: An allegedly intoxicated fellow, attempting to secure the amorous favors of a woman stationed near the Coffee Garden, instead incurred the wrath of the woman's husband. A scuffle ensued.

The allegedly intoxicated fellow, reportedly enraged, proceeded to kick and punch the glass windows of the nearby Keith Christensen campaign headquarters, which fortunately are seldom occupied. Police arrived and forcibly removed the allegedly intoxicated gentleman to a squad vehicle, at which time he began to howl obscenities and kick at the inside of the rear passenger-side door.

Police eventually subdued the man. Witnesses report the police vehicle then drove away.

The object of the man's advances said that she emerged unharmed.

"I told the cops I don't like drunks," her husband said. "I mean, I drink occasionally, but usually only at night."

(Brandon Burt)


  1. Tsssk tsssk . . . Another example of a stranger coming down town to "get drunk and chase tail."

    When will we learn?

  2. I came out of the Coffee Garden Friday afternoon and saw a guy kicking the glass door with the Keith Christiansen campaign signs. I thought he looked more crazy than drunk. The sidewalk was filled with more homeless people that day than I have ever seen. I thought he was one of them and so I just passed on by thinking he would soon snap out of his alter reality and come back into focus. It looked like some people around were trying to subdue him as I passed by. Now I'm sorry I missed the scuffle, cop thing, and attractive woman.

  3. "seldom occupied" is pretty accurate. keith's campaign manager, finance manager and keith himself work out of christensen industries. only the grassroots campaign occupy the main street office and we are more effective out and about than in the office.

    when I'm there I rarely get any visitors off of main, but VISITORS ARE WELCOME so come in and introduce yourself.


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