Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pregnant Pause

[Sex Ed] I just finished a telephone interview with Melissa (Missy) Larsen, executive director of Planned Parenthood Action Council for Utah.

PPAC is the political action committee for Planned Parenthood. It has the legal status to lobby and raise funds for pro-choice and family planning education. So whenever you hear or read about a small but determined cadre of activists at the Utah Legislature trying to keep the Capitol Hill braintrust from turning back abortion rights to the Flintstone era, it's pretty much PPAC doing heavy lifting.

Fun facts about Utah's lack of smarts in preventing pregnancy, via Larsen:

1. Utah's Planned Parenthood clinics have the highest distribution rate of all PP clinics in the country of Plan B contraception, aka "the morning-after" pill. You know how this works, right? You think you might be pregnant from sex the night before and you don't want to be. You get a prescription for Plan B. You have to take it before 72 hours are up--after that it's useless.

2. The highest numbers of Plan B prescriptions in Utah come out of the Orem Planned Parenthood clinic in Utah County.

3. Why? Because in Utah, where we refuse to talk openly or educate kids in school about what makes babies and how to prevent having them, men and women are doing it just as often as in any other state. It's just that, according to Larsen, the women who come to the clinics "think the planets are alligned or the moon is right and I won't get pregnant if I do it just this once."Then they visit the clinic for a dose of morning-after magic and "swear they will never do it again."

4. They do it again, of course. And again. They keep coming back for Plan B,which makes you nauseous and carries a much higher risk of not working than the good ol' birth control pill ever did. Says Larsen, with a sigh: "They don't want to use contraceptives routinely because that would mean they are actually thinking about sex and planning for it. And good girls don't do that." (Holly Mullen)


  1. I needs me one them Orem hos.

  2. My oldest son graduated from Lehi High - 5 couples went to the senior prom together with he and his girl being one of the couples. 4 out of 5 of those couples ended up pregnant and married/divorced or fighting in one way or another either before graduation or closely thereafter - the lucky number 5 with no children so far - My son - why ? Because I gave condoms constantly in high school - I gave them to his friends, gave them to his girlfriend, every teenager in my house and told them all to use them.

    It worked for some of the lucky ones...

  3. How do I get involved in all this crotch obsession? When I was of age it was all about guilt, shame, embarassment and pious girls.
    Is it really that easy as in "knocked Up"? Hmmm all that money and education gone to waste. I suppose if you treat women the way they want to be treated... Like commodities...goddesses of the Crotch Planet. Eh?

    Let us prey.

  4. Another stupid story by Holly Mullen and on another stupid subject that Utahns are idiots when it comes to sex.

    Go to the ghetto, barrio and Massachusetts and see what the rates are. Check out the babies born out of wedlock ratios.

    You automatically think that if someone is taught your way of sex education that they will actually use that education. Now that's a stupid use of critical thinking!

    As for the mom or dad who gave out condoms to everyone, now that's a legacy that I would hide too under the name anonymous.....

    did you give out needles to for the druggies? Did you pass out the booze because they would buy it any way? did you show them how to use the needles and how to drive drunk since they were going to do that too?

    Nice family morals you teach and expect from your children!

  5. That latest argument (Anonymous, Sept. 5) completely missed the point, if not obscured it, contorted it, then argued an almost absolutely different issue altogether. The point is, that when you teach people something, they tend to remember at least a small part of it. Do you remember remember what 2+2 is? It is flawed logic to think that if you teach students a complete course on sex ed, they will only forget or just bury their heads in the sand and never use it. The only person that has shown that kind of lack of capacity here posted the last comment.

  6. Trying to describe teenagers in Utah as naive and stupid does not erase the mind-boggling failure of Planned Parenthood progams in the US. I do not know why they are presented as the smart one in this story.

  7. The federal governement reports that nearly 50% of low-income sexually active teens become pregnant using the contraceptive pills and over 70% become pregnant while using condomns.
    Thanks Planned Parenthood for all your lies of safe sex.


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