Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Real World: It's Still On

[Locals on Reality TV] Due to the presence of Utahn Chet (who last week found out he couldn't be the next host of TRL, 'cause it was canceled--thanks for that heads-up, MTV), we've tried to keep up on The Real World: Brooklyn ... but gawd is it dull. The Real World After Show is usually more entertaining, thanks to the rapt attention to detail the faux-hawked douchebag of a host and his random panels pay to said dull show. Here, Chet goes into the minutae of whatever the hell happened recently; see how long you can watch ...

(Bill Frost)


  1. Of course I watch the Real World religiously, but this season has been so bad that I have not watched more than 2 episodes. They should bring Bret Michaels in!

  2. Am I the only one who'd like to put a boot up Chet's ass?

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