Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jenny Wilson Did It

[Finally, Benefits] Today, the Salt Lake County Council approved benefits for domestic partners of Salt Lake County employees. The plan will cover committed same-sex partners, and other long-term dependents of county employees. The change will cost taxpayers about $300,000.

 Thank you to the sponsor, who kept pushing for three years in a row. Councilwoman Jenny Wilson never gave up. Wilson, by way of the usual disclosure, is my stepdaughter.  Bravo. The council approved Wilson's plan 6-3, including the approval of Councilman Max Burdick, a newcomer who decided to let common sense trump impassioned arguments swirling around about the death of the traditional family.

On the same day the county passed Wilson's measure, the Utah Legislature killed in committee two more bills related to gay rights. A bill allowing for gays and lesbians to foster and adopt children died a quick death, as did a proposal to outlaw employment and housing discrimination against gays and transgender people. Now I know why I'll never leave Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City. It's great to live on an island of growing tolerance toward all. I'm counting on change throughout the state, though. It's going to happen. (Holly Mullen)


  1. A little blue oasis in a vast red desert.

    Councilwoman Wilson gives me much needed hope. Compassion and justice have not been sacrificed on the alter of expediency.

  2. Jenny for 2nd Congressional district! I think it's hilarious that now that the political winds are blowing from the left, why Rep. Jim Matheson has discovered that hey! he's a Democrat! It's like the schlock scene in teen movies where the girl takes off her glasses and suddenly she's beautiful. I still think he's a weasel and would gladly support Jenny in a primary run.

  3. Right on, Jenny. You're a real mensch!

  4. It's a small victory compared to the losses we've had as a Queer community over the last week:

    Our Pride Center burglarized...
    Legislative bills thrown back in our faces...

    and yet, somehow, people still listen to that fuckhead, BUTTARS!

    It's coming to a boil... they're gonna see just how pissed off we really are!

  5. journalists, editors no less, should not write congratulatory news about their children. Have someone else write it, stooopid.

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  7. It's coming to a boil... they're gonna see just how pissed off we really are!

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