Friday, February 6, 2009

This Morning on TRAX

Overheard on the University Line:

Guy 1:
[speaking of his plans for the morning] I'm gonna go down there under the bridge ...

Guy 2: That's crazy. There's a lotta nuts down there!

Guy 1: Well, I'm a crack addict.

(Brandon "Oh, then you should be just fine" Burt)


  1. Ha! Your trax adventures never cease to amaze me- So fabulous!!

  2. Oh BeeBurt, you absolutely slay me! Addiction is so hilarious, and the people sufering from substance abuse issues exist only for pompous widbags and elitist pups to laugh at and about.

    u Go Gurl!!

  3. Oh, please, Montoya. That guy was funny. If you're offended that he's so frank about his choice in recreational chemicals, that's your problem.


  4. hey now; i'm not offended by any kind of drug use, and especialy not the recreational kind, but U said that this dude was a crack addict about to go put himself in a dangerous situation in order to feed his addiction...and you found it funny.

    ... fodder for a fucking fishwrap(whew)...

    if U ever get to know the people under the bridge (where there but for the grace of blah blah blah go you, i, or a loved one) you would dicover real human beings with real hearts and real problems, and U might find somebody worth a hell of a lot more than giving U a goddam chuckle on the train.

    Also, ur post has the whiff of racism: remember, class is the new race.

    oh, and that's Ms. Montoya to U!

    ciao luv.

  5. sorry. but i agree with montoya that crack addiction is not funny. you guys are funny for elitists. now go sell some more porn ads to keep your rag running.

  6. Good lord, I didn't know my parents commented on blog posts.

  7. montoya's right. it is elistist and cruel to make fun of the poor crack addict you guys ought to be ashamed. naughty naughty! now to go score me some junk


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