Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Homophobes Wimmer Doesn't Want You to See

In case anybody is curious about those wingers who brought their Proposition 8 placards to Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s office last week—and who are so nutty Rep. Carl Wimmer didn't want them at a 'phobe hootenanny last week because "they make a lot of us [homophobes capable of tying our own shoes] look bad"—they have their own 1994-rrific Website, a gift that keeps on giving. Here's a sample of the kind of brainpower that goes into whipping up the 'phobes into a self-righteous fervor:

Do Not Be Fooled By Equality Utah and The Common Ground Initiative They are using intimadation to gain ground and are lying to the public, ALL THEY WANT IS MARRIAGE RIGHTS to valdite their relationship of the same-sex!!! THEY ALREADY HAVE THE RIGHT to Marry, a gay man can marry a gay woman!

(Sic, sic, sic.)

Apparently, the sanctity of marriage is so sacred to them, they recommend making a mockery of it with hopelessly mismatched faux-nuptials. Also, love the Web 1.0 retro site design. Best viewed using Netscape. I'm pretty sure if you look around long enough, you'll find a Dancin' Baby and probably even a Hampster Dance page.

(Brandon Burt)


  1. Brandon, :)
    If you guys weren't so opposed to the fad that is twitter, you could have shared the news of that atrocious website three days ago when we shared that the domain is about to expire and the two contact numbers listed for the domain registrar are invalid, including the email address listed.

    This means that once the domain expires, the domain can be appropriated and used for the cause of ironic justice.

    And my jabs are made in polite jest.

    Even with the awesome bait laid out to bring the homophobes out of hiding, we have not received any response as of yet.

  2. Cheers, keldwud. You're right, I don't "do" Twitter, but maybe I should.

    I do hope, though, you'll archive the freaky site in all its awful glory, if only as a historical curiosity (and evidence of the brainpower of the average rabid homophobe).

    BTW, this blog itself is close to becoming history; Salt Blog is in the process of moving to its new digs at (Be sure and check out its new features, including Brandon's Big Gay Blog.)

    Keep on truckin'!

  3. Will posting here turn me gay? ;)

  4. Actually, I am on a dating website and I was just approached (two days ago) from an individual who had pictures of himself (a long haired, bearded "ctrcowboy"), a friend, and, you guessed it, Buttars. They held signs spurring Buttars on and frankly...I had to re-read my profile and check my pictures to see what I had inadvertantly done to attract such an individual. LOL I always thought I was very far from attracting the redneck type...

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