Monday, September 10, 2007

Hey, My Breast-Cancer Awareness Message is Up *Here*

[News-ish] America's fraternities are looking out for women's breasts yet again--only this time, it's slightly less creepy than usual.

A press release to the City Weekly offices has alerted us to the imminent arrival of the Jugs Across America Tour. On Wednesday, Sept. 12, a 53-foot semi trailer will take up residence in downtown Salt Lake City for what is decribed as a "Temple Square visit." [UPDATED 9/11: The location is now identified as Lumpy's on Highland Dr., approximately 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.] It's a fund-raising effort for Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapters and breast cancer research. And how, you ask, can you contribute to the cause? Why, by buying a pair of wall-mounted tits, of course.

Jingle Jugs--in the fine tradition of the "singing bass on a plaque"--play whimsical songs and a breast cancer awareness message, all while life-like breasts shimmy provocatively. Now you can get your crude novelty gift with a clear conscience. Everybody's a winner. (Scott Renshaw)

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