Friday, July 13, 2007

Nazis Who Live in Glass Houses ...

... shouldn't throw stones.
[Caution: This entry contains links to Websites with offensive racist, sexist and homophobic content.]

This is the second attempt at connecting the dots in a rather confusing series of month-old events:

  1. Nazi asshat No. 1, Jack Gray, is running for Salt Lake City Council.
  2. His buddy, Nazi asshat No. 2--aka Robert Muscheck--is running for Salt Lake City Mayor.
  3. Nazi asshat No. 3 publishes a horror-show of a Website called pimping the American National Socialist Workers (Nazi) Party.
  4. The Deseret Morning News publishes a story explaining that No. 2 has been known to hang around school playgrounds wearing a uniform and accusing poor old schoolteachers of being queer-loving abortionists.
  5. On his horror-show Website, No. 3 writes that asshat No. 2 seems to share No. 3's National Socialist values.
  6. Nos. 1 and 3 become outraged at the D-News behalf of No. 2--not over the schoolyard story, but because in another story, the D-News understandably thought No. 3's characterization of No. 2 as a "National Socialist" meant that No. 2 was a member of the American National Socialist Workers Party.
  7. Apparently, there's some mysterious difference between a "National Socialist" and a "member of the American National Socialist Workers Party."
  8. The distinction is, apparently, a Very Big Deal for No. 1.
  9. Making minute distinctions between the various squabbling factions in the right-wing-iverse seems to come very easy to No. 1.
  10. On the other hand, making rather fucking important distinctions about the real world does not appear to come naturally to No. 3: He refers to the LDS Church-owned Deseret Morning News as a "Jew paper."
  11. The LDS Church is not Jewish. In fact, as Roseanne Barr famously observed, Utah is the only place where a Jew can be called a "gentile."
  12. Elsewhere on the National Socialist/American Nationalist/Nazi/whatever Party's Website is a "news" report about a "scientific study" that has "proven" that "white men have bigger cocks than blacks.")
  13. This report must be very comforting for Nos. 1, 2 and 3.

    (Brandon Burt)

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