Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please Help Marty Kasteler!!

[NEWS] For those of you who haven't heard by now, a piercer at KOI was intentionally run down by some crazy nut in a white van on Sunday morning. Apparently responses to various news accounts have indicated that Marty and his wife Nikki should not have been riding their bikes at 2 in the morning and somehow deserved to be injured. Ridiculous. No one deserves to be the victim of random violence--no matter how "alternative" they might be. Marty is in pretty bad shape. Most compassionate people have worked overtime to come up with ways to offset medical expenses, from potential concerts to yoga classes. See what you can do to spread the word and perhaps help organize fund-raising events. For more info visit (Jamie Gadette).


  1. We are having a bake sale Saturday for Marty and Nickie 6/30/07 at abode 1720 S. 900 E beginning at 10 AM - this is in conjunction with our monthly flea market


    There are many ways to help, and many events planned!

  3. I'm not condoning what the truck driver did. However, cyclists are being combative and technically breaking the law by striking vehicles with their hands, feet, etc. Marty's act of striking the vehicle was the first agressive one. If you need to alert a motorist, use a horn, that is what they are for.

    I have a cyclist friend who often strikes vehicles for failure to see him, and usually ends up running away frantically when they try to chase him down. Just be sensible. Ask yourself how you would like it if someone hit you or your property when you made a stupid error. That sort of behaviour is agressive, abusive and immature.

  4. "Ask yourself how you would like it if someone hit you or your property when you made a stupid error."
    Hmm. I've made plenty of errors in my life and not once have I reacted by running someone down with my vehicle, injuring them to the point where he/she needed to spend at least three months in the hospital with medical bills piling up and the very real possibility that he/she will never be able to ride a bike again. No. When I make an error, I fess up to it and carry on.

  5. apparently you misunderstood my comment, let me explain more clearly.

    I'm talking about the error the truck driver made when he "started to run them off the road".

    Marty felt he needed to strike the vehicle. This is why I said that you shouldn't hit people or their property for making a stupid error. If you act agressively, agression will likely be returned. Both Marty and the trucker behaved in a way that is inappropriate, unless that is, you advocate striking vehicles. Do you?

  6. I am Marty's sister,

    To the ever so wise person who left themselves Anonymous (to prevent anyone from knowing who this ill informed uneducated retard who obviously contributes to the roadrage madness when someone does something "HE" deems inappropriate) Let me just say, the average reasonable person wouldn't have A. been driving in a manner that led Marty and Nicki to believe he may be Intoxicated and going to hit them and B. even if in a fit of rage Marty smacked the car when it wasn't warranted again the average "REASONABLE" person may exchange words, flip them a gesture or two or maybe even get out of the car like a man and go hands on. Not like a coward and run down a 160 lbs man on a 20 lbs bike with his 1 ton vehicle just because he knew he could win. Just like wannabe gangbangers who are to afraid to take a punch so they carry a gun instead. Is that the mentality your saying you are of??? Would you run down someone if they did something you deem idiotic or provoking? WOW buddy let me never meet you and I pray for you therapist!!! Now lets flip it a little bit. Your riding your bike with your lovely wife whom you adore and protect... this huge truck drives by nearly hitting the both of you. Now what do you do? They nearly hit you and your wife... you may still be in danger of getting hit and lord pray there is not yet another bicyclist down the road that this idiot in a large box truck either doesn't see or decides to swing at whether by accident or not... maybe he wont fair so well... Would you not give the truck a smack to wake up the guy?? You already mentioned how you would feel if someone did that to your "property". It was an old run down box truck first of all and second..... what about a PERSON.. A LIFE.... YOUR LOVE..... it was not an error.. it was a protective measure. It was absolutely aggressive because it was warranted to get the guys attention due to the fact that (oh and you may not know this if you dont own a bike) but they dont come standard with HORNS for christs sake... As for immature... Immature is someone who prides possesion over person. Someone who hits and runs a man down then hides. And someone who can't step back and see both sides of the story but rather make judgement and post it for everyone to read his opinion as if it'g going to touch someone or change someone's
    mind... Well buddy you touched me.. you made me realize this world is full of more idiots than I previously thought...
    Happy traveling!

  7. Main Entry: strike

    2 a : to aim and usually deliver a blow, stroke, or thrust (as with the hand, a weapon, or a tool) b : to arrive with detrimental effect (disaster struck) c : to attempt to undermine or harm something as if by a blow

    I believe the use of the word strike is a bit harsh, that would lead me to believe that he hit the vehicle hard, or with aggression which is not the case. An open palm slap/tap to the side of my vehicle would be completely acceptable in my eyes if I were putting someone's life in danger. And while you try to make an argument about no one wanting their personal property harmed, there is a big difference between harming ones belongings maliciously and slapping a vehicle because you and a love one are in its path. By that statement alone you are saying that it is ok to try to murder someone that is trying to alert you as the driver to be cautious. Marty did nothing wrong, he has the right as a cyclist to share the road and despite what you might think, horns from bicycles cannot be heard inside of a loud diesel vehicle. I ride a motorcycle and I have been ran off the road plenty of times and my horn is a lot louder than any bicycle horn could possibly be (without some serious modifications, battery pack, etc.) and not once has my horn been effective.

    Please go back to the KSL message boards where you belong, thanks.

  8. I just heard about this tragedy and am VERY upset. I get chills every time I read what happened. I'm in Seattle and would like to see what if anything I can do to help. I just forwarded to story to all my co-workers at Seattle Weekly, so maybe we can get a company pool together. If Marty's sister reads this please write me at and let me know what we can do. Good Luck!!

  9. My name is Jim Morrison. Is this Marty Kasteler that grew up in Kearns, Utah and has a sister named Debbie? My email is morrisj at warpdriveonline dot com. If you read this and this is the Marty I think it is, please contact me to say hello.


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