Monday, June 11, 2007

Dating Shows: The New Polygamy

We all know polygamy is cool again. Don't buy it? Just wait for the ratings from Big Love's new season to role in. Then we'll talk. But it's not just HBO cashing in on taboo religious/cultural practices. Check out an episode of The Bachelor or the new, laugh-out-loud Age of Love for further proof that our society is pretty much primed to do away with that whole women's rights nonsense and embrace practices that are, for the most part, considered taboo (at least by Volvo-driving Dems). Besides the obvious exploitation factor (stupid and slutty sell!), contestants on both reality TV shows willingly engage in relationships with men who openly keep several cheap women on the side. We're made for each other! each contestant claims after one moonlight stroll with the season's playboy du jour. He smiles and agrees, then promptly kicks out a sorry chump, leaving her with nothing but delusional memories and a grocery-store rose. While the show wraps with the "gentleman" choosing one woman and one woman alone, it always seems like he could elect to take home two, three, maybe even all of the featured contestants and the audience would still blog excitedly later about how "They're ALL meant for each other." One happy, harem-scarem family. That's cool, but could we at least get some shows on the air gloryifying polyamory? You know, just to even things out. Maybe get Carmen Electra or Oprah as the leads. Think on it. (Jamie Gadette)

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