Friday, June 8, 2007


So what if the iProvo doesn't meet the community's standards of how tax-money should be spent? I don't think that money-issues are the iProvo's biggest mistake, but rather in the name itself.

Has Apple really rendered us futile in the face of coming up with new and creative names to call stuff? I'll admit that I've given in to the iPod (despite my reservations about it breeding musical-ADD) and have grown to love it, but its popularity has paved away any hope of innovative thought in terms of naming technological (or otherwise) ventures.

Does it give anyone else rage when they walk through Sugar House and see iPaw? I can give that credit for being a slightly-clever (albeit annoying) play on "iPod," but what creative redemption does "iProvo" hold? If Apple were smart (and they are, so watch out), they would patent iGrammer. Future words would have to be lower-case "i" conjugated with upper-case word, and if words already started with an "i," just upper-case the second letter for an iNcredible result! And forget about pronoun "I"; that's iI to you, iBuster!

And how annoying would it be to add another "i" to Mississippi? Seriously. (Ryan Bradford)

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