Thursday, May 24, 2007

That Ain't Right

Apparently Provo's premier all-ages venue Velour has experienced a string of thefts over the past couple of months, including an attempt by a band to steal items from the club's backstage green room. That's right: green room. Perhaps the group wasn't used to being treated like true rock stars and therefore felt inclined to behave like cliches. Other items stolen by persons unknown include a vintage Coke sign framed in old barn wood, a small saxophone, one of three matching Moroccan-style table lanterns and an Art Deco-style table lantern. Velour management is kind enough to maintain the thief or thieves anonymity should the items return unscathed and in a timely manner. They just want their belongings back where they belong. I can't even begin to describe how messed up all of this is. Who would screw over a business that goes out of its way to make Utah a better, more vibrant place? Tell your friends to keep an eye out for evildoers. (Jamie Gadette)

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