Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Kids Are Alright

It's the adults who manage and/or book all-ages venues that need some serious help. Now I understand that the city/man makes it insanely difficult for certain places (cough, Kayo, cough) to stay open, but c'mon! Unless the man's shut you down for liquor violations or any number of bogus offenses, it's your duty to go on with the damned show! Besides Kilby Court, which despite what critics say offers the most consistent good time for the under-21 set, local all-ages venues are notorious for canceling concerts just days (or even one day) before the scheduled events. I'm going to start a running list of shows we've written about and encouraged our readers to attend that are, at the last minute, shut down or moved to an obscure location. This week's honor goes to both The Avalon and New Vortex (whose owners might want to consider changing their name to something that doesn't require "New" to distinguish it from another club down the street) for promising to host I Am the Ocean's CD Release on May 18. After publishing the article about the local rockers and their awesome debut, ... And Your City Needs Swallowing, we learned today that the show has been moved to Todd's Broken Record. Good news for everyone who can legally drink the 3.2. Looks like 75 percent of Ocean fans will just have to buy the record at Slowtrain. Stay tuned for the next "Canceled/Moved? WTF?!" (Jamie Gadette)

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