Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Playoff Fever

City Weekly grand poobah John Saltas sends out a question to the staff every week; the best (or at least most interesting) wind up in the Staff Box below his Private Eye column. This week, he's throwing it out to everyone--please feel free to leave your own answer in the Comments section:

Do you believe in superstitions or random theory? If so, what are you doing to influence the outcome of the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs playoffs? (John Saltas)
Read Saltas' Private Eye column tomorrow afternoon at SLWeekly.com.


  1. I am deliberately not watching.

    Working in a place with about 15 TVs makes that difficult, but I do glance at the game for short periods and then rely on my co- workers to keep me posted.

    I really truly believe if I watch and cheer, they will lose.

    That's how I single- handedly doomed Pete Ashdown's campaign.

    Sorry about that, Pete.

    And Jerry, I promise not to make the same mistake with you guys.

  2. My husband wanted our ward to hold a special fast. I thought he was joking, but now I'm not so sure.....


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