Monday, February 19, 2007

They're Great, Just Ask 'Em

MEDIA How far is your head up your own ass to devote an entire Saturday column to how amazing your own coverage of last week's Trolley Square shootings was? Apparently, if you're already down there, you can fellate yourself as well--bravo, Salt Lake Tribune, bravo! Especially love this quote:

"Looking back over five days of intense activity in the newsroom, Editor Nancy Conway says, 'When covering a story this big, the newsroom most feels the awesome responsibility to provide information.'"

So ... what's the newsroom feeling the rest of the time, vis-a-vis information? Just curious. (Bill Frost)

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  1. I couldn't take anymore Utah, especially when 'The' church took over the other newspaper as well (even moreso than it all ready had) and left five years ago. But I miss some of the quaint wackiness of it occasionally (A dog returning to it's vomit?) Just stumbled on your site. Good work.

    Also enjoy the fact that you're mocking big corporations as well as patchouli-reeking hippies. Just about the whole world has fallen into that moron rut of 'Left=smart. Right=stooopid' or vice-versa.


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