Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Perfect Hair Forever

POLITICS Looks like Mitt Romney has more obstacles than his religion (he’s a Mormon, in case you haven’t read it a dozen times in the Deseret Morning News today) if he’s to be ordained, er, elected president: According to a 77-slide PowerPoint presentation obtained by the Boston Globe, Romney’s media handlers think his hair is “too perfect” (oh, like there’s such a thing) and feel he’s perceived as a “phony,” a “political opportunist” and “not a war leader,” not to mention, a (gasp) “flip-flopper.” On the plus side, Romney’s an “optimistic, conservative leader,” a “strong leader from outside Washington” and “not Hillary Clinton.” The plan also calls for Romney to oh-so-carefully differentiate himself from not-so-popular current president Bush quite simply: “Intelligence.” Isn’t that just about every candidate’s strategy at this point? There’s also plenty of mentions of Romney’s LDS mission in icky France, and how to turn the issue against Clinton with “Hillary = France” and “First, Not France” bumperstickers … wha? (Bill Frost)

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