Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel...

... is really just the Best of Utah train barreling down on City Weekly. Now that SLAMMYs are in the bag, I have 8 hours to do some yoga, eat some Thai food and fall asleep on the couch. When I wake up, I and the other editorial peeps will write some 70 picks for our annual BOU issue. While the process is daunting, it's not quite as stressful as the SLAMMYs. It's hard to cover every single genre in our ever-growing scene. We try our best to point readers in the right direction in hopes they'll find some other unmentioned groups along the way. If you're not satisfied with our winners and staff picks this year (available in print and online form in limited release tomorrow and then everywhere on Thursday), go out into the scene and track down something more suited to your tastes. Then, write in and let us know. Support local music (it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Grammy-award winners Black Eyed Peas who took home an award for one of the worst songs of all time, "My Humps." Blech). (Jamie Gadette)

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