Wednesday, January 24, 2007

wound down, recapped, preview

It took me a full day to recover from my stint in Park City and a good chunk of this afternoon to reassimilate to CW HQ. All in all the daily festival update experience proved to be a wholly rewarding, if not completely exhausting, five days. Skipping the velvet-rope hooplah was a great decision. My soul especially appreciated the particularly warm, open arms of Hanna at BMI, Pauline at ASCAP, John Sutton, T and others at Star Bar, the Slamdance ladies who let me crash in their office to write last-minute articles, Mike Beck, the Wallstreet Journal Weekend Edition's Cafe Brilliant organizers, Taste of Saigon and Good Karma's owners (who also let me take over a table to write), Eric Hynes, Susan Norgett and other down-to-earth folks who compensated for icy Hollywood egos.

For those planning to continue Sundancin', here are a few music acts worth checking out:
Donovan's playing the Star Bar on Thursday and Friday around 4:30 but I'd line up earlier to ensure a spot inside.

Maxwell Productions is presenting local experimental psych-folk rockers Calico along with West Indian Girl and others at the Star Bar on Friday around 7 p.m.

Nas is playing Harry O's tonight but good luck getting in. I'd rather check out Hells Belles and Thunderfist at Suede (a better bargain, a better time). Tomorrow at Suede, enjoy DulceSky and Black Market Vabies Burlesque along with Vast at Suede again.

The best bang for buck is Of Montreal and Shiny Toy Guns performing a free--FREE--concert on Park City's Main Street at 6 p.m. It's free. You will be cold.

Down in the valley, Da Rugged Man will be blowing up Monk's with his Long Island raps and Laura Gibson will cast a spell on you at Kilby Court with Paul Jacobsen on Thursday.
Whew. (Jamie Gadette)

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