Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey! Hey Screech!

While Park City has once again transformed into an Icelandic Hollywoodland, activity on Main Street today was rather uneventful. The only celebrity sightings worth noting involved Screech and Gary Coleman in an apparent race to see who could snag the most swag. Coleman, dressed in oversized dress slacks and cowboy hat, flew past a freezing bunch of credential holders into the Star Bar to collect random items--expensive beanie, T-shirt, herbal tea--stuffed inside a fashionable tote. He flew right back out minutes later, missing four artists including The Bird & The Bee and Chuck Prophet, who blew this critic away. Their performances offered some hope for Sundance 2007's musical offerings. There might not be any artists with reputations on par with 2006's highlights, but after this week they could be on the tip of every high-altitude hipster's tongue. I'm headed to the BMI/Turning Leaf showcase then back to the Star Bar tomorrow night for Low, The Album Leaf and Death Vessel. In the meantime, you can catch me in the trippy Airborne lounge getting high on antioxidants and industry gossip. (Jamie Gadette)

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