Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Sugar House Ocho

THE OCHO Eight new mom-and-pop shops set to move into Sugar House once redevelopment at 21st South and Highland Drive is complete:

8. Koffee Kidz, a coffee shop/daycare center where busy parents drop off children through a drive-up window while picking up a latte.

7. O’Seamus Magilicutty’s®, a traditional Irish pub chain operated by the Olive Garden corporation.

6. The Zillaplex 64, an art-house cinema showing Little Miss Sunshine 2: The Return of Heroin Grandpa on 20 screens.

5. Passé Platoon, a funky used clothing shop that carries nothing but second-hand Old Navy apparel (a division of Gapped).

4. The Breakfast Nook, a classic diner serving up Xtreme Pancake Fajita Blasters™ and free Red Bull refills ‘round the clock.

3. Carcino Jen’s, the exclusive tobacco and accessories outlet of Camel and Skoal.

2. The Virgin Ministore, specializing in hard-to-find niche music like Fall Out Boy and Hilary Duff.

1. Wal-Martlette, a cozy 40,000-square-foot neighborhood grocery store.

(Bill Frost)

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